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A Word With Charlies Country Ribs


Welcome to a Word From Charlie


In 1991 my job downsized, packed up, and moved to South Carolina, leaving me for the first time in my life, unemployed. After praying and seeking God, I was inspired to become my own boss. I would no longer be an employee, but I would become an employer. I thought about what I could do and remembered a trade my grandfather had taught me. The “Art of BBQ Under the direction and guidance of my Pastor, I started cooking ribs on the church parking lot.  I stepped out on faith and followed The Lord’s Lead. One night in what I believe was a dream, but became a vision, I saw a large tree and a long line of people buying ribs. While visiting my mother’s house at 21st Street at Cambria Street, I looked and behold there was the tree in my dream. On that corner Charlie’s Country Ribs was born. Shortly after I moved to the corner of 21st Street at Cambria with my 3 sons, Anthony, Andre and Ife. I started with one 55 gallon barrel, then two 55 gallon barrels, then four 55 gallon barrels, and then a truck, and I just couldn’t keep up with the growing demand. Next, I started looking for a building and in April 1996, I moved to the corner of Glenwood Avenue at Diamond Street. Finally, Charlie’s Country Ribs had a permanent home.

For the last 24 years we have had the pleasure of serving many people. We have developed friendships, gained extended family, and employed many people. Thank you for your continued support over the years.

 Mr Charlie & Ms Denise founders of Charlie’s thank you again for your patronage. We cherish the opportunity to do what we Love to Do, and thats being privileged to Serve You! Peace